Are you ready to create an Intentional Money Plan that will show you how to reduce costs, increase income and get your partner on the same page (without hours of work on spreadsheets)?

In this 1 hour training you learn how to set up your Household Finances and create a simple spending plan following my bubble method..

How can you Optimise your Finances and be intentional with your household budget?

In all of my training (free and paid) we follow 5 key steps:

1. Find Your focus - what do you want to spend your money on?

2. Review your income - how are you paid, can you increase it without working harder?

3. Review and Group Expenses - so that it makes sense for you to create a plan to spend your hard-earned money

4. Set up bank accounts and allocate money - to match the expense groups, and make sure you always have enough for the things you need

5. Monitor and Review your account balances, so that your Focus is the priority.


I'm passionate about making sure that money related issues do not split up relationships, so I also talk about how you can chat with your partner about money, with conversation starters and specific tips to get them talking.


There's a freebie if you stick to the end - in each webinar I am offering a free spot to the next Money Matters Coffee Club program - which kicks off on Monday 16th October 2023.


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Jodi Porteous

Hi, I'm Jodi Porteous, here to show you how to optimise your finances.
With my unique blend of 20+ years of accounting, tax, budgeting, Profit First and jargon-busting skills, I can show you how to reduce your expenses without giving up the things you love, find ways to increase your income without working harder and design a life you love to live in every day.
People say I'm passionate about this topic, so I would love for you to join me and be inspired to take action to optimise your financial situation.

Paula said:

"Made me realise I could have a lot more control over financial future, just need to make smarter choices financially.  Interesting and lots to think about"